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What makes the Best Shed, Shed Home or Granny Flat

Glenvale, Queensland based Precision Steel Framing recently announced the addition of a new range of sheds to our already extensive catalogue. PSF is known for being one of the most reliable garage suppliers in the area, providing sheds of the highest quality at a fair price. 

With these new additions, homeowners will be able to customise different aspects of their desired shed (such as stud framed walls), and they may even build quality, custom sheds with various styles of roofs - Dutch Gables, Hips, Skillions and Gables.
Additionally, the company now offers new wall cladding options, allowing homeowners to choose the material that will better accommodate their preferences, and compliment their style of house.

Our motto at PSF - "If you have a space to put it, then chances are we have a Residential Shed or garage to suit you, With design flexibility, and many shapes and sizes available, we can work with you to find a design and style to make your dream residential garage ."

Being renowned garage and shed builders, Precision Steel Framing can produce easy-to-build stud framed sheds of the highest quality, guaranteed to last a lifetime. From the pitch of your roof, overhangs, and right down to the wall claddings, you can change every last bit of your shed to match the roof style and look of your house - You can even line the inside and make a granny flat if you wish. Our customers can choose and determine every aspect of their shed designs, producing what they have envisioned for this project.

Your vision - our mission.  At PSF you can get your own unique design and amazing looking sheds, shed homes and Granny flats to compliment your house, and add value to your property.

Precision Steel Framing has unique design and engineering software  tools, and know of every design technique, required to  insure the durability and most cost effective way to produce their sheds. One of the most common issues in the shed industry, is that nearly all shed suppliers can only produces a simple, and standard range of buildings - often not giving the client any
options to build a quality shed that adds true value to their homes. Scott Williams, a local homeowner who found himself wanting to build a shed that looked like his house says,"I contacted many shed suppliers, and spent months looking on the web to try and find a business to work with, that offered flexibility in design and the ability to choose products that could compliment my house. I nearly gave up, I was devastated. Then I contacted Precision Steel Framing, who had everything I wanted. They showed so much professionalism and knowledge, I decided to purchase one of their shed kits, which had a remarkable number of customizable aspects for me to choose from. After putting it together, I can now see the difference in quality of shed and the unique look and design. My shed has been truly an investment and money well spent, I’ll never buy a stock standard shed again."

Visualise the best shed, shed home or Granny flat for you.

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Precision Steel Framing is considered one of the best shed and garage specialists in the area, having delivered outstanding products across Australia for over 20 years. They maintain that, through hard work and a practical approach to design, they have polished and developed projects that are guaranteed to last.
Taking pride in having completed over 10,000 projects, of a staggering variety of sizes and shapes, the company affirms that they are always ready and willing to take on a project, irrespective of its complexity. They say, "Big or small, we do it all. No job is too difficult. We promise to work hard, to the utmost of our capabilities. Beyond that, it's up to our clients to decide whether or not we have lived up to their expectations—though our reputation demonstrates that we do."

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