5 Reasons Why you should buy Kit Sheds. 

So in this article, we’re going to talk all about Aussie made sheds and kit sheds, and why you should consider getting one as soon as possible.
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Most people think of sheds as boring and dirty places to store your gardening equipment. However, the reality is far from that and you’d be surprised at what’s possible with sheds when you adopt the right mindset.
Sheds are a wonderful addition to any house even if your backyard isn’t that big. Whether you’re looking to add a shed for storing gardening equipment or to transform a shed into a workspace, there are plenty of ways to use that little bit of extra floor space in a creative way. Many people have turned sheds into personal gyms, offices, hobby rooms and even man caves to spend time with their mates.

Do I Really Need a Shed?

So let’s start by talking about why you need a shed (or an extra one) and why they’re so popular with homeowners these days.
Perhaps you've thought about adding an extra kit shed, extending off your existing shed – well here's some more ideas to confirm your thoughts on why you should get a shed.
1. We could all use a little more storage space, and building a shed is probably one of the best ways to go about it. Building sheds don’t disturb the rest of your house and it’s a DIY project that’s made easier with kit sheds.
2. It doesn’t have to be just for storage. Let’s face it, when most people think about putting together sheds, they usually think it’s just for storage. However, if you get creative and think hard about what you’re doing, you could turn it into a workspace for your at-home job, a hobby room or even a peaceful little man cave to play video games with your mates. Some of the best sheds we’ve seen aren’t even traditional sheds, but more like secret rooms that are full of amazing things. There’s no limit to what you could do with a custom-built shed–it’s all down to your imagination!.
3. It adds value to your house. If you’re thinking of moving out and selling your house in the future then leaving a shed in the backyard is a great way to bump up the value a little while also learning a few new DIY skills. It’s a win-win situation for you!
4. It’s great for gardening purposes. Whether you convert it into an indoor greenhouse of sorts or just use it to store heavy (and expensive!) gardening equipment, sheds are a fantastic addition for gardening uses. It could be for your own gardening hobby or something for your significant other to make use of. In fact, it could even be a shed for your mother who’s been complaining that she’s got nowhere to put all of her gardening stuff. Whatever the case may be, a shed is a gardener’s best friend.
5. It’s a safe place to store your belongings. You could have lots of things laying around your yard such as gardening equipment, your lawnmower or outdoor furniture that you’re not really using. Not only is this prone to being stolen by a sneaky thief, but it’s probably getting in the way of your kids playing in the garden as well. Aussie made sheds are great for storing all of your gardening and barbie equipment, and you’ll even have a bit of space left for your child’s bike and toys.
There are plenty of other reasons why you’d want a shed, but the bottom line is to get creative! A shed has countless uses and you’d be surprised at some of the crazy ideas that folks from all over Australia are thinking up. An Aussie made shed has countless possibilities.
With our kit sheds, you have the freedom to D.I.Y your prject, but we also understand that you might not have the time to build your own shed, so grab a local tradesman to look after everything for you – our kit sheds are so easy to build, they will love it!
At Precision Steel Framing, we’ve helped our customers build some of the best sheds around thanks to our quality materials and exceptional services.

Build Your Own Aussie Made Sheds

There’s something special about putting in the hard work to design, source and build something of your own. Even if it’s built with a kit or instructions that you’ve followed, there’s nothing quite like taking a step back to marvel at the work that you’ve put into your creation. For some people, it might be artwork and fancy sculptures, but for the home handyman, there’s something special about building your very own shed in your backyard.
At Precision Steel Framing, we offer a wide range of products including kit sheds. They’re perfect for handymen that are brushing up on their DIY skills or for people that want to put in the effort instead of relying on a contractor to build their shed. Our Aussie made sheds are made from high-quality materials and we offer our own unique frame system to deliver strong, durable and long-lasting sheds.
But this begs the question; why build my own shed? Why not get someone else to build it or buy something that has already been pre-made to your specifications?

Why Build My Own Shed?

Because it’s just the way it was meant to be.
Some of the best sheds in the world are ones built for a purpose. They’re built to the size that the homeowner wants and they’re well-used because they fit that purpose like a glove. Perhaps you need a relatively large shed to store your gardening equipment, or maybe you just want to build a shed to house your hobby equipment such as woodworking machines. Whatever the case may be, putting in your own hard work will result in some of the best sheds that you’ve ever seen.
It’s a project that you can learn a lot from. Even if you’re using kit sheds to get started, you’ll learn plenty about construction and that knowledge can be put to good use in the future. Whether it’s putting together more sheds for your friends in the future or transferring those skills to build a home extension, there’s a lot you can pick up from learning with kit sheds.
You save money by negotiating rates with the contractors. When you hire a company to help you build a shed, you’re giving them a large chunk of money. This is to pay for their labour costs and they might even charge you extra for parts. Precision Steel Framing always offers reasonable quotes and honest services, we understand that you might want to save a pretty penny and build your self on your own – and Hassle Free. This is entirely understandable and it’s why we offer a wide range of different kit sheds that will save you money.
Hopefully, this has explained why kit sheds are the best way to get a shed that is personalized to your exact specifications. However, we understand that you still might want to offload some of the work to a contractor, so let’s cover that next.
But let’s take a step back for a moment–do you really need to build your own shed? It’s obviously going to take some hard work, so what’s in it for you?
You can build it to your specification. Precision Steel Framing will design a Purpose built Aussie made shed to suit your needs - some of the best sheds we’ve seen are made using our kit sheds and adapted to the homeowner’s specific needs. For example, some people want their shed to be a specific size to store specific items, while others want to add an opening to one of the faces of their shed for the sake of storing vehicles. There are endless options with Precision Steel Framing to make your building fit for your purpose and different to your neighbours standard colorbond shed, hence why designing it and building it to suit your needs is the best way to ensure it fits your purposes.

Engaging Contractors to Build an Aussie Made Shed

You’ll have a much easier time communicating with contractors when you purchase a custom shed when you have all the right paperwork especially drawn to suit your specific job-
Site Specific Engineering
Site Specific Floor Plan, Elevations, Framing Layouts, Slab Plans, Roof Purlin Layouts and Wall Girt Layouts
Slab Engineering
Connection details and instructions.

Types of Sheds to Consider

It’s important that you understand the different terms used to describe the many types of sheds available. This makes it a lot easier to help you describe the shed you want to the contractor and also helps you choose the right shed for your needs.
Residential Sheds - Residential sheds are flexible designs that can be used for everything from storing your gardening equipment to creating your own little private retreat. These are the best sheds for customizing to your exact needs.
Heritage and Weatherboard Sheds - These sheds are made to look like they’re a part of your home. In many ways, they’re almost like house extensions and can be used as garages if you need extra space for your car.
Farm Sheds - Farm sheds are intended for storing farm vehicles. They usually have large open faces and are made from heavy-duty materials to withstand adverse weather.
Carports - These are sheds without walls and are typically used to store your vehicle or create outdoor living spaces where you can relax with friends and even fire up the Barbie!
Industrial Sheds - If you need a large shed for storing everything from vehicles to farm equipment, an industrial shed is what you’re looking for.
Liveable Sheds - Think of liveable sheds as small hotel room-like experiences in your shed. They might come with a bedroom, a shower, toilet and so on. It’s a great place to add an extra rest area to your home – but Remember these are not Class 1 houses, they are just sheds that can be lined.
Shed Homes - Slightly different to liveable sheds, these are fantastic projects for any DIY home handyman or a seasoned builder. Shed homes are laid out like bungalow homes and usually take time (and help from various contractors) to put together completely.
We recommend speaking to contractors if you simply don’t have enough time to finish your kit shed. Armed with knowledge from learning to build your own shed, you’ll be able to easily communicate with the contractor about how you wish the shed to be built.

Helping You Supply Quality Sheds to Your Clients

Lastly, we help you get the best sheds by supplying quality materials and Aussie made sheds to suit your clients or your needs – Exactly the way you want. Whether you’re a builder, a contractor or just someone doing a few shed-building jobs for their friends and family members, we can supply plenty of unique sheds that are ready can be installed in anyones backyard. All of our kit sheds and materials are designed for professional use and you can count on our 100% Aussie made sheds.
If you’d like to learn more about the services we offer to other businesses and clients, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist you. You can rest easy knowing that you’re dealing with a professional business that has over 50+ years of experience in the field. We have an unwavering desire to provide you with the best sheds and services that fit your needs and we’re more than happy to tailor our products to your needs.
So whether you’re looking to build a kit shed, request help from a contractor or are simply looking for materials to build sheds for your clients, Precision Steel Framing is more than happy to lend a helping hand. Simply contact us today and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding our sheds, our materials and our services.
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