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PSF supply Residential Sheds and garages that are fully customiseable and more attractive than just a standard shed.
Our Residential Sheds

The Best Kit Garages to Build

Aussie Made Sheds that are the easiest sheds to build at the most affordable prices. 

Residential Sheds & Garages

If you have a space to put it, then chances are we have a Residential Shed or garage to suit you. With design flexibility and may shapes and sizes available – we will be able to work with you for a design and stlye to make your dream residential shed or garage.
Precision Steel Framing are experts when it comes to Heritage Style Sheds and Weatherboard sheds. Our unique steel stud frame sheds makes it simple to change the roof pitch to suit your councils requirements for sheds with steep roofs, add horizontal metal weatherboards and large roller doors on the ends. We can also do sheds with overhangs and sheds set up to have an eaves.
550x450 triple residential shed three roller doors

Design Flexibility with our Residential Sheds & Garages

- Easy to build stud frame walls with trusses – Great for DIY, there is no shed easier to build.
- Choose your roof pitch and style to match your house.
- Your choice of wall claddings, vertically clad or horizontally
- Match the building to look like your house – Add overhangs,change the roof style to a Dutch Gable or a Hip
- Openings can go anywhere – get the exact look you are after.
- Heavy Gauge claddings and flashings for better finishes.

Get the Best Sheds & Garages

Our Residential Sheds & Garages come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and varieties – Get something that looks amazing and adds value to your home.


Our residential sheds and garages are ideal for buildings up to 9m wide and 3.6m High. Check with our friendly staff if you have something different, as we do any size in between as a standard.
Have peace of mind as every shed is site specifically engineered to suit your location and designed through our custom shed design software. We have designs to suit cyclonic regions if required. You can create your design with our 3d Shed Design Software
550x450 Steep Roof Pitch Welded portal garage

Choose a building size for your Residential Sheds & Carports

Residential Sheds & Carports Sizes available

Widthsany available, common widths 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 7m, 7.5m and 9m
Heightsany up to 3.6m High, common heights 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m and 3.6m
Lengthsany length, although 3m increments are most cost effective.
Roof pitches are commonly 10, 15, 20 and 25, but can also be anything in between if required.

Check out the extras your can add to your Residential Sheds & Carports

Extras available for your Residential Sheds & Carports

- Gable, Skillion, Dutch Gable and Hip Roof Style
- Varied Bay Sizes
- Horizontal weatherboard, vertical or hoizontal corrugate, vertical or horizontal monoclad wall sheeting.
- Shadow walls
- Roof & Wall Insulation
- Roof Ventilation
- Sky Lights
- Set up for lining

Check out the Roof Types you can add to your Residential Sheds & Carports

Roof Types available for your Residential Sheds & Carports

Roof Style Dutch Gable Shed with metal weatherboard

Dutch Gable

Roof Style Overhang Hip Shed with metal weatherboard

Hip Roof

Roof type Overhang Gable Shed with metal weatherboard

Gable Roof

Easy to Insulate or Line!

We can provide extra studs to suit internal linings – you could gyprock, VJ, metal clad or whatever look you are trying to achieve – Just let us know and we can allow the extra framing material to suit. Great for DIY or the seasoned builder, there is no shed easier to build or line.

Control the temperature of your flexi-room with insulation. Insulation suppliers can provide many solutions, but its our stud frame that makes it easier to install.


We supply Australia wide, so get in touch now.

Add an eave overhang - Beat the elements

The edges of the roof, extending beyond the side of the building, are called eaves overhang and they serve the dual purpose of being decorative as well as protective in nature. Eave overhangs have been used for centuries by home owners to not just define the architecture of their abodes, but to also protect the sides of the building from direct rain and sunlight.

We can provide you with up to 600mm wide overhang as standard on our shed ranges. Not only will it look great, but will add the extra protection you need from the elements and help in regulating summer cooling and winter heating.

Gable with overhang Heritage Shed with Weatherboard

Gable shed with eaves

Wider eaves add resale and sale appeal to your home - LOOKS AMAZING !


Our Residential Sheds & Garages come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and varieties – Get something that looks amazing and adds value to your home.

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