Skillion Roofs - The best way to make kit sheds look GREAT.

Skillion Roofs kit sheds aussie made toowoomba
Skillion Roofs are a great way to make your new kit shed look modern and aesthetically pleasing - All while sticking to your budget. 
Our ranges are very flexible and allow you to vary the Skillion Roof Pitch. Common Roof Pitches available are 5,Deg,  7.5 Deg, 10 Deg, 15 Deg and 20 Degree, but are not only limited to - allowing any pitch in between also.
We offer skillion roofs for any of our kit sheds ranges, so ask for an opiton when grabbing a price.
If you are unsure what a skillion roof is or would like some other ideas, check out 

When you need the best Skillion Roof Kit Shed

- Choose a roof pitch that suits your existing building to match
- Choose a wall cladding type and style to help your shed look great.
- Choose a frame style that is easy to build and offer time and money savings on site.

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